Save It

“From now on I’ll save a piece of myself, for you, for the future — for when we have to catch up. Until then, I’m glad that I’ve kept a part of you that will always be mine. Two smiling girls on a tiny little screen, fishnet stockings wrapped around my heart, a permanent line of glitter on my eye — I’ve saved you. ”

DELILAH (17) and MELANIE (17) are best friends. They have been since they were little. Melanie is everything Delilah wishes she was and vice versa. Constantly balancing the tightrope of mutual jealousy and deep admiration, the girls now find themselves all grown up, and at a crossroads that will inevitably separate them. Delilah has big dreams for the future. Melanie doesn’t believe she has one. Even though Melanie’s depression seemed more of a running gag than a disease during puberty, the diagnose now seems to be taking up more and more space in the lives of both girls. Delilah decides to rescue Mel from this invisible enemy. Or in at least one sense of the word, save her.

SAVE IT is part of the second part of the stand-alone tv-series "Onze Straat II" in collaboration with broadcaster NTR.


  • Status: in production
  • Length: 45' min
  • Format: standalone tv-episode
  • Release: september 2021
  • Genre: drama


Sara Afiba
Alisa Bloemendaal
Arjan van Hesteren
Samora Bergtop


  • Director: Amira Duynhouwer
  • Screenwriter: Amira Duynhouwer
  • Casting: Jut&Jul - Madelief Blanken
  • D.O.P.: Dionne Cats
  • Production Design: Jorien Sont
  • Editor: Tessel Flora de Vries
  • Sound Design: Tom Jansen
  • Composer: Jac van Exter
  • Line Producer: Merel Blom
  • Producers: Maarten van der Ven l Layla Meijman
Save It

La Cabina Film Festival

Best Medium Length Award

La Cabina Film Festival

Best Supporting Performance

La Cabina Film Festival

Best Poster