Memory Dealers

When at the hands of cunning businessmen and the powers of an entity reset the memories of The City's residents, Teo and her friends are just able to escape and flee. Teo voelt zich als burgemeester verantwoordelijk voor het welzijn van de inwoners. They arm themselves with home-brewed psychedelics to free the people from their memoryless existence, but when Teo breaks through into a lust for proof, her plan backfires and results in an irreversible dance plague. 

MEMORY DEALERS is a quirky Sci-Fi meets Gangster film directed by by Mila van der Linden and written by Nena van Driel.

Studio Ruba is producing the 45-minute film Memory Dealers on behalf of VPRO and as part of Koolhoven Presents. The film will be broadcast on NPO3 (Dutch television) in early 2024.



  • Status: in production
  • Length: 45’ min
  • Release: TBA
  • Genre: Sci-fi/gangster


  • Director: Mila van der Linden
  • Writer: Nena van Driel 
  • Camera: Sam Vis
  • Costume design: Jessica van Halteren
  • Casting: Michiel van Maaren
  • Co-producer: VPRO – Koolhoven presenteert 
  • Producer: Layla Meijman l Maarten van der Ven