When a man (you) dies, he gets into a conversation with a god regarding the meaning of life, getting surprising answers to the biggest question.

Based in and inspired by the 'big' short story 'The Egg' by Andy Weir (The Martian), Ben Brand wrote a visual interpretation that we shot in 2019 in The Netherlands, Belgium, Iraq, Namibia and Thailand. The film has its world premiere at Flickerfest Sydney 2020. 


  • Length: 9’ min
  • Completion: 2020, january
  • Genre: Drama
  • Festivaldistribution: Kapitein Kort
  • Sales agent: Interfilm


  • Issaka Sawadogo
  • Johnny Bang Reilly


  • Writer & Director: Ben Brand
  • Director of photography: Maxime Desmet
  • Art & Costume: Madeleine Homan
  • Line Producer: Moniek Sterk
  • Casting: Groen casting - Susanne Groen
  • Sound Design: Mark Glynne
  • Editor: Patrick Schonewille
  • Composer: Jesper Ankerfeldt
  • Co-producer: NTR – Marina Blok
  • Executive producer: Ben Brand
  • Executive producer: Wanderkeit - Maxime Desmet & Alexander De Bruycker
  • Producer: Maarten van der Ven

Flicker Fest Australia

International Competition