To A Land Unknown

TO A LAND UNKNOWN is a film based on a testimony shared with writer/director Mahdi Fleifel a few years ago. It is the story of how as a human being on the run, and without rights, one is forced into a life where humanity is completely dismantled. It's a film that depicts how reality is often stranger than fiction.

Chatila and Reda are saving to pay for fake passports to get out of Athens. But when Reda loses their hard-earned cash to his dangerous drug addiction, Chatila hatches an extreme plan, which involves them posing as smugglers and taking hostages in an effort to get him and his best friend out of their hopeless environment before it is too late.

TO A LAND UNKNOWN is a UK/French/German/Dutch/Greek co-production and is produced by NakBa FilmWorks & Inside Out Films, Studio Ruba, Homemade Films and Salaud Morisset. The film received a production contribution as part of HBF+NFF.


  • Status: in post-production
  • Length: 105’ min
  • Release: TBA
  • Genre: drama


Mahmood Bakri
Aram Sabbah
Mohammad Alsurfa
Angeliki Papoulia


  • Writer & Director: Mahdi Fleifel
  • Co-writers: Jason McColgan, Fyzal Boulifa
  • DoP: Thodoris Mihopoulos
  • Production Design: Ioanna Soulele
  • Costume Design: Konstantina Mardiki
  • Casting Director: Kleopatra Abatzoglou
  • Editor: Hoping Chen
  • First A.D.: Sade Agilara
  • Line Producer: Leda Bouzoukou
  • Co-producers: Maria Drandaki, Layla Meijman, Maarten van der Ven, François Morisset
  • Producers: Geoff Arbourne, Mahdi Fleifel


To A Land Unknown