MEN IN THE SUN is a film based on a testimony shared with writer/director Mahdi Fleifel a few years ago. It is the story of how as a human being on the run, and without rights, one is forced into a life where humanity is completely dismantled. It's a film that depicts how reality is often stranger than fiction.

Three Palestinian refugees, Chatila, Fatah and Abu Love, are dreaming of escaping from Athens after 7 years of life in a country collapsing in upon itself. When Chatila succeeds in smuggling a fellow compatriot out of the country, he finds himself with 4,000 euros – an amount just enough to get one of them out, but not all three. Chatila is forced to choose between his friends and freedom.

XENOS is a UK/French/German/Dutch/Greek co-production and is produced by NakBa FilmWorks & Inside Out Films, Studio Ruba, Homemade Films and Salaud Morisset. The film received a production contribution as part of HBF+NFF.


  • Status: in production
  • Length: 90’ min
  • Release: TBA
  • Genre: drama


  • Writer & Director: Mahdi Fleifel
  • Co-writers: Jason McColgan, Fyzal Boulifa
  • DoP: Thodoris Mihopoulos
  • Production Design: Ioanna Soulele
  • Costume Design: Konstantina Mardiki
  • Casting Director: Kleopatra Abatzoglou
  • Editor: Hoping Chen
  • First A.D.: Sade Agilara
  • Line Producer: Leda Bouzoukou
  • Co-producers: Maria Drandaki, Layla Meijman, Maarten van der Ven, François Morisset
  • Producers: Geoff Arbourne, Mahdi Fleifel