To A Land Unknown

105 min | Mahdi Fleifel | Quinzaine des Cineastes 2024

TO A LAND UNKNOWN tells the story of how as a human being on the run, and without rights, one is forced into a life where humanity is completely dismantled. It's a film that depicts how reality is often stranger than fiction.

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90 min l Zara Dwinger l NTR l Berlinale 2023

Eleven-year-old Lu is living in a foster home when her long-lost mother Karina shows up unexpectedly and takes her on a wild road trip in a beat-up sports car - all the way to her grandma in Poland.

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96 min l Aaron Rookus l in post production

A life affirming drama following four generations of an extended family searching for the perfect fulfilment of life, which proves to be a near impossible task

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90 min | Amira Duynhouwer | pre-production

When Chyna’s boyfriend Raoul becomes increasingly violent, she decides to pack up their baby Sugar and leave. But he doesn't let her go easily. We follow Chyna as she breaks free from old patterns, violence and everything she's ever known.

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90 min l Dwight Fagbamila | Warsaw IFF 2022

When the birth of his first child is approaching, unstable Dennis must face the loss of his father who died at a young age to come to terms with himself.


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The Girl Who Was Cursed

45 min l mid length film l Zara Dwinger l Slamdance 2023

An intoxicating neo noir about outsiders and loneliness, about being in charge of your own (un) happiness, and about running in one direction even if you don't know where it's going. 


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Memory Dealers

45 min | Mila van der Linden | IFFR 2024

In this Sci-Fi meets Gangster film, Teo and her friends narrowly manage to escape having their memories reset. For the other inhabitants of The City, it is already too late - they are stuck in a grey mass of structure and order. It is up to the friends to set them free and help them rediscover the rough edges in life.

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25 min l Sarah Blok & Lisa Konno l VPRO l 2022

Most students at The Rietveld Academy see him as the janitor, but behind Henk's smile lurks a different life story. Dressed in an exuberant fashion collection inspired by his life, the Surinamese-Dutch Henk Shakison expounds on his idiosyncratic view of migration and success.

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Save It

45 min l stand- alone TV l Amira Duynhouwer l NTR l La Cabina IFF 2022

Delilah is practically intertwined with her best friend Melanie, who she loses to a clinical depression in their high school senior year.


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A Holiday From Mourning

15 min l Zara Dwinger l Studio Ruba l 2020

A teenage girl attempts to flee the grief she has felt since her mothers' death by going on a post-exam trip to a Portuguese party town.

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9 min l Ben Brand l Studio Ruba l NTR l 2020

When a man (you) dies, he gets into a conversation with a god regarding the meaning of life, getting surprising answers to the biggest question.

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The Day My House Fell

47 min l Thessa Meijer l VENFILM l VPRO l 2017

Three adult brothers live with their elderly mother. This eccentric family lives in an old, crooked house that is on the verge of taking its last breath before toppling over.

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93 min l Robert Jan Westdijk l VENFILM l 2016

A warm and amusing story of an estranged father and son who grow closer during a road trip from Amsterdam to Edinburgh.

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10x 25 min l Circus Treurdier l Pupkin l VPRO l 2019

A tragicomic series with a hint of social criticism created by the Circus Treurdier collective. TreurTeeVee takes place in a stylized and fictive parallel dimension which is quit similar to ours. In TreurTeeVee we follow the lives of some struggling individuals in the grim city of Yolandia.

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10 min l Marc de Leeuw l VENFILM l NTR l 2016

The nude body of a young woman lies motionless on a kitchen floor. In a nearby forest a man calls out for his dog. Their paths cross at a copyshop where it appears that the outwardly shy woman has a strange obsession with her body image.

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A goat for a vote

50 min l Jeroen van Velzen l VENFILM l IKON l 2014

At Majaoni Secondary School a next generation of Kenyan voters learn about democracy. It is the annual school elections, and three students compete for the prestigious position of school president.

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Even Cowboys Get To Cry

20 min l Mees Peijnenburg l NFTA l VPRO l 2013

A film about losing your youth, loneliness, violence and guilt: an homage to friendship.

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27 min l Timur Ismailov l NFTA l VARA l 2009

Bingo tells the story of a young gypsy from Moldova who comes to the Netherlands in search of a better fate.

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