De Straat II – The Walrus

An intoxicating neo noir about outsiders and loneliness, about being in charge of your own (un) happiness, and about running in one direction even if you don't know where it's taking you.

In THE WALRUS (or THE GIRL WHO WANTED TO BE GOD), everything in the life of Dutch-Turkish stonergirl Gizem has gone wrong since she got the evil eye from her mother: she no longer sleeps, is aimless and, above all, incredibly broke. When she meets a strange guy on the train, he touches something in her. As much as she would like to ignore it and hide away in her comfortable cloud of smoke, it putes her in motion and sets of her trippy search for the guy.

THE WALRUS is part of the second part of the stand-alone tv-series "De Straat" in collaboration with broadcaster NTR.


  • Status: in production
  • Length: 45' min
  • Release: september 2021
  • Genre: neo noir


Sinem Kavus


  • Director: Zara Dwinger
  • Screenwriter: Zara Dwinger
  • D.O.P.: Douwe Hennink
  • Costume Designer: Vita Mees
  • Line Producer: Eva van Dorland
  • Producers: Layla Meijman l Maarten van der Ven
De Straat II – The Walrus