SUGAR is a film about the vicious cycle of violence behind closed doors. We meet Chyna in the braid salon where she works with her two sisters. When Chyna’s boyfriend Raoul becomes increasingly violent, she decides to pack up their baby Sugar and leave. But he doesn't let her go easily. We follow Chyna as she breaks free from old patterns, violence and everything she's ever known.

A compelling story about a young woman who becomes entangled in a complex and violent relationship, where there is no way out. A colorful exploration of intergenerational patterns, the strength of sisterhood, shared culture and community.


  • Status: pre-production
  • Length: 90’ min
  • Release: TBA


  • Director: Amira Duynhouwer
  • Screenplay: Amira Duynhouwer
  • Producers: Layla Meijman & Maarten van der Ven